Participation in Leisure Allowing Access for everYone


Here’s to 17 more kids driving thanks to National Interstate RePlay for Kids and Smiles with Style!

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PLAAY on the Move supports the engagement of children of all ability levels in enriching and stimulating activities using low cost technologies to minimize barriers that limit participation.


We seek to provide family and child-oriented opportunities for children of all ability levels to experience fun, freedom, fulfillment, and friendship within the community.

Key Activities

Cleveland State is promoting mobility in young children through a unique multidisciplinary project housed in the new Center for Innovation in Medical Professions. Together with GoBabyGo families and researchers around the world, CSU faculty, students and community partners are developing low-cost, high-impact technologies ranging from battery-powered, ride-on cars for infants to hands-free harness systems for children and older adults.


Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

With cars that are customized to allow indpendent mobillity for the children while still being accompanied by a volunteer, children are able to explore the zoo and engage with the animals. The harnesses are also set up to allow children to participate in activities such as the giraffe feeding.


Children's Museum

The cars and harnesses are brought to the Children’s Museum in Cleveland to allow children to participate in the various activities presented there. Volunteers will be there to help them throughout their entire experience as well as parents.


Cleveland State University

Using the space within the Center for Innovative Professions, multiple stations are set up for children to engage with and explore while accompanied by volunteers throughout their whole experience. Weather permitting, children are also able to play outdoors using the harnesses as well.



Upcoming Events